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A woodworker for over 40 years, I still love the process of designing and making beautiful objects in wood. Formerly a furniture maker, my work now consists of handcrafted boxes, vessels, and chests. The smaller scale allows for more design freedom,  as I am unhindered by considerations inherent in creating larger functional pieces.

I employ various traditional techniques including frame and panel construction, vacuum press bending, and inlay. Post modern and traditional Japanese architecture, as well as modernist sculpture have been some of the influences on my work. I infuse my pieces with contrasting components such as hues of color, curved and straight lines, hard and soft edges, etc. At times the contrasts are subtle; at other times distinct to the degree of polar opposites. A sense of unity is the overall guiding principle influencing my aesthetic decisions.

The following pages show pieces which I may or may not still have on hand. The prices are current, however, and include shipping anywhere in continental USA. Massachusetts residents add 6.25% sales tax. If you don't see what you're looking for here, I am happy to fill custom orders. Call or e-mail first to make sure item is still available before sending a check.



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